Tuesday May 5, 2020 we release another in our series of miniature book lists, built primarily upon books from Glen Dawson's personal collection. This list adds a number of items from a variety of other sources as well. This list is a miscellany, as opposed to the last couple of lists that focused on particular creators of miniature books. Most of the items here are from a variety of 20th-Century publishers, but there is at least one nineteenth-century item here, and 2 editions of beloved author Lawrence Clark Powell's essay on Book Shops. Enjoy by following the link below:
Tuesday April 21, 2020 saw the publication of John Howell for Books' list focused on the printing of Wallace Nethery (1910-1996), who served as the librarian at the USC Hoose Library and was also a hobby printer beginning in 1955. This list contains his first effort at printing, Mr. H. in America, 1956. The last item on the list is dated 1994, entitled Little Books & Big Men, issued by Dawson's Book Shop. Nethery collaborated with a number of Southern California miniature book producers, including Francis J. Weber, Dawson's Book Shop, Bela Blau, and Margaret Class, to name a few represented on this list. Enjoy at the following link:
On Tudesday March 24, 2020, John Howell for Book's issued a list of miniature books by Peter and Donna Thomas. Peter and Donna began working in the book arts in 1977. Their website remarks that: "they have worked both collaboratively and individually; letterpress printing, hand-lettering and illustrating texts, making paper, and hand binding both fine press and artists' books." All formats are represented in the current list, including 3 unique artists books by Donna, as well as a broad spectrum of their work. All of the items on this list are illustrated with images and available on my website. If you see something you like, return to the home page and use the search bar to view the item. You can order your choices directly on the website. See the list here:
On Tuesday March 10, 2020 I published a miniature book list with a focus on James Lamar Weygand (1919-2003). Weygand was a printer, book-designer, and paper maker who lived his entire life in Nappanee, Indiana. Weygand produced 24 miniature books and about 50 other full-sized books. Weygand is also known for having chronicled many private press operations during the mid-twentieth century, as is evidenced by the last item on this list. The list includes 4 Weygand books larger than miniatures, 12 miniatures, and 104 issues of The American Book Collector magazine where Weygand's writings about private presses first appeared. While only 2 Weygand miniatures from the list remain, I leave it up here as a PDF for your reference at the following link: