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This link is to a list of 64 items from the private collection of Pall Bohne, who ran the Bookhaven Press from the 1960s to the 1990s in various locations in the greater Los Angeles area. The list contains a few remarks from me regarding Pall's life and times. Pall's interests were varied, but most of the material offered here relates to his interests in typography, wood engraving, and the book arts in general. The list includes archives of material relating to Grant Dahlstrom of the Castle Press in Pasadena California, and Emerson G. Wulling of the Sumac Press of La Crosse, Wisconsin. All spelling errors are attributable to spell-check and a lack of proof-reading on my part. The list includes a couple of outlying items relating to Pall's interest in other traditional crafts, such as beekeeping and blacksmithing. Please let me know if there is anything here you would like to have. Enjoy!

The following link is to a list of 35 miniature books prepared for the June 2017 Independent Online Bookseller Association Flyleaf. You can take a look by following this link to a PDF hosted on my website. The material includes a number of books with book art themes. Many are from the private collection of the Los Angeles-area book binder, Mel Kavin, with a number of additions. Enjoy!

The following link is a list of 18 items related to Jack Werner Stauffacher and his Greenwood Press. The list includes a number of books Stauffacher designed or printed at the Greenwood Press for the Book Club of California, the highlights being Porter Garnett: Philosophical Writings on the Ideal Book, and A Typographic Journey: The History of the Greenwood Press and Bibliography, 1934-2000. Also included are two copies of Stauffacher's Janson: A Definitive Collection in the variant bindings, and some Greenwood Press ephemera, including a nice Virtuoso specimen sheet (# 13, undated). View the list at this link:

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