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This Saturday, September 9th, I will be at the Sacramento Antiquarian Book Fair.  I will be exhibiting a goodly amount of books about various aspects of California History, including the Gold Rush, Native Americans after the American Conquest, the Channel Islands, and much more.  Included are also a number of writers on California subjects, including John Caughey, Richard Dillon, Ninetta Eames, Idwal Jones, David Lavender, Carey McWilliams, Irene Paden, and others.  Many of these are signed.  Almost all at very modest prices.  A sample listing can be viewed at the following link:


The following list contains 44 items about various aspects of California History.  Included are materials on nineteenth-century California land claims and a number of twentieth-century handbills issued by various radical groups in the Los Angeles area advocating their causes.  The handbill examples were chosen for exceptional subject matter or graphic presentation.

Each year the Miniature Book Society Grand Conclave takes place in a different city someplace on this planet.  This year the MBS Conclave will take place at a familiar location, the Oakland Marriott City Center, Friday August 11th through Monday August 14th.  For those of you who follow my antics, the relevant information is that the Society will be holding a Miniature Book Book Fair, which will be open to the public from 11 am to 4 pm Sunday August 13th in the Junior Ballroom of the Oakland Marriott.  I will be bringing between 300 and 400 miniature books available for purchase at the Book Fair.  The books I am bringing are in the following 11 lists that you can click on.  Go ahead and open the PDFs that are of interest to you; perhaps you can find an item or two to add to your collection.  All of these items are available for purchase on this website; or contact me by email or telephone if you find something you would like.  No need to wait until the Book Fair to place an order.  And THANK YOU for taking a look.  

Achille J. St. Onge and other miscellaneous presses: 

Black Cat Press: http://www.johnhowellforbooks.com/home//black%20cat%20press.pdf

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