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Dreaming on the Edge: Poets & Book Artists in California., Alastair M. Johnston (b. 1950).
1 Alastair M. Johnston (b. 1950). Dreaming on the Edge: Poets & Book Artists in California.
New Castle, DE: Oak Knoll Press, 2016 First Edition Hardcover New Like New Hardcover 
FIRST EDITION. Oblong 4to. 8 1/4 x 10 3/4 inches. 230, (2) pp. Illustrated throughout mostly in color, list of sources by chapter, index; text clean, unmarked. Red cloth, spine titled in gilt, dust-jacket; binding square and tight. Brand-New. Fine. This books documents 150 years of the book arts in California, it is a kaleidoscopic view of the printers, artists, and poets that where active in the state from the late nineteenth century to the twenty-first century. Alastair Johnston was the editor of The Ampersand, a book arts quarterly, from 1986 to 2004. He has written extensively about small presses, printers, poets, and artists and interviewed many key figures in the field. His knowledge of the book arts, along with a passion for history, uniquely qualifies him to write about the art of the book in California. 
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A Lettered Life., Carol J. Blinn.
2 Carol J. Blinn. A Lettered Life.
Easthampton, MA: Warwick Press, 2013 First Edition Hardcover Collectible: Like New None Issued. Hardcover 
LIMITED EDITION of 20 copies, designed, dyed, printed, and bound by Carol Blinn. Hardcover Pamphlet. 6 1/2 x 4 3/4 inches. 6 leaves of Niyodo Natural paper (including the title page [title page printed in 2 colors] and colophon) digitally printed and stitched into a bifolia of hand-dyed Kyosei-shi paper; text clean, unmarked. Copper-toned silk moire cloth over boards, printed paper front cover label; binding square and tight. Warwick Press invoice for this book made out to Greg Campbell, Campbell-Logan Bindery, with a hand written note to Campbell from Carol Blinn laid in. Greg Campbell's copy, proprietor of Campbell-Logan Bindery. SIGNED by Carol Blinn on the colophon. Fine. Printed in memory of Harold McGrath, Leonard Baskin, Arno Werner, Hugh McMillan, Jr., and George and Jule Poole, this clever series of lines reviews the development of symbolic human communications through the first cave drawings to the development of the alphabet, and contributions to this process from throughout human history. This volume of paper and dye samples is one of the smallest editions from Carol Blinn's Warwick Press, which opened shop in 1973. REFERENCE: 7 copies Worldcat, all east of Iowa City, Iowa. 
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Ruminations., Kitty Maryatt, et al.
3 Kitty Maryatt, et al. Ruminations.
Claremont, CA Scripps College Press 2011 First Edition Hardcover New Hardcover 
LIMITED EDITION of 103 copies, this is number 72. Folio. 14 1/2 x 11 1/4 inches. [36] pp The text of this book presents a thirteenth-century Rumi poem as interpreted by Coleman Barks, with responses from the students in the Typography and Book Arts Class, each page is illuminated with linoleum cuts in blue, red, and purple. Bound in Ginga Iridescent Orange book cloth, spine bound open so that the signatures and stitching are visible. SIGNED by Kitty Maryatt and the 12 Typography and Book Arts students. Fine. The text includes a poem by Coleman Barks, "An Understanding of the Question," which was originally published in The Essential Rumi in 1995, and texts created by the students of the Scripps College Typography and Book Arts Class as responses to the Bark poem. The visual aspects of this book were inspired by the geometric structures of medieval book imagery. The colors of the linoleum blocks reflect the preponderance of lapis lazuli blue, crimson red, and royal purple in medieval miniatures; the binding introduces the color gold, which was prevalent in medieval manuscripts. The Rumi poem, interpreted by Coleman Barks, was set in 14 pt. Scripps College Old Style, and the responses were set in 12 or 14 pt. Centaur and Arrighi. Front and back matter were set in 14 pt. Scripps College Old Style, and the display letters were set in 18 or 24 pt. Weiss Initials. Sheets of Rives BFK paper are folding into signatures which are sewn over Tyvek-reinforced tapes with gold thread, and are attached to the covers. 
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Deluge., Kitty Maryatt, et. al.
4 Kitty Maryatt, et. al. Deluge.
Claremont, CA: Scripps College Press, 2010 First Edition Hardcover Collectible: Like New Hardcover 
LIMITED EDITION of 103 copies, this is number 75. Oblong Folio. 11 7/16 x 17 5/16 inches. [44] pp. The text presented in various typefaces with color illustrations and the pages presented as if they are layered windows open on a computer desktop. Full dark red cloth over boards, three holes in the top cover reveal red, green and blue dots. Fine. The Typography class was asked to develop a list of one hundred significant problems in America, and subsequently organized them into seven categories. After extensive in-class discussion, they decided to select addiction to media for their advocacy efforts because it is continually in the news as a growing problem. We all have extensive experience with the deluge of information on the internet and the latest social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter, and even have friends who are on the verge of addiction. Their goal became not only to promote awareness of the consequences of addictive behavior, but also to reveal the lure of new media that seduces us daily. The texts are presented on Nideggen, Frankfurt Creme, and Frankfurt White papers to imitate the layering on a computer desktop with the deluge of information from the internet. All the type was hand-set from metal typefaces, which included Scripps College Old Style, Optima, Centaur, Univers, Garamond, Caslon, Goudy Modern, Fournier, Weiss Initials, and Forum Capitals. The SML code on the title page was written as a computer science class assignment to encode / decode RSA encrypted messages; it was printed as a photopolymer plate. The printed colors are inspired by the RGB system, as might be seen on a computer. Imagery was carved into linoleum and printed on four Vandercook presses. The binding material, Quinel Graphite, was chosen to resemble the soft cases that protect laptops and iPads from damage. 
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ManuScript., Kitty Maryatt, et. al.
5 Kitty Maryatt, et. al. ManuScript.
Claremont, CA: Scripps College Press, 2011 First Edition Hardcover Collectible: Like New Hardcover Signed
LIMITED EDITION of 95 copies, this is number 71. Hand-set 12 point Centaur and Arrighi letters, letterpress printed in Arches Cover. The binding echoes traditional book-making methods in Ethiopia common through the nineteenth century. Small 4to. 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 inches. Unpaginated. [100] pp. Illustrated with linoleum cut glyphs representing characters, words and phrases, highlights produced by pochoir, text printed four-up and cut and folded to form signatures which were sewn together; text clean, unmarked. Binding of quarter-sawn oak covers sewn to the signatures, papers attached to the boards laden with papyrus, fabric, leather and silk; binding square and tight. Fine. This volume celebrates writing systems of the past that developed from a need to communicate practical information, historical accounts, tales, and myths. These systems vary in structure: syllabic, alphabetic, pictographic. Some disappeared with an extinguished culture, never to be deciphered, and some were decoded to great excitement and acclaim. Those who could write, the scribes, frequently claimed high status in their society. The writing tool and substrate are intimately connected to the style of the language that arose. The look of the system can be artistically changed by choosing a new material with which to write the language: linoleum, a brush instead of a stylus, cutting with scissors. The meaning of the glyphs, words and phrases still retain their power, no matter what tool is used to represent their significance. 
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A la Orilla Azul del Silencio.  On the Blue Shore of Silence: Poems of the Sea by Pablo Neruda.  Translations from the Spanish by Alastair Reid., Mary Heebner (b. 1951).
6 Mary Heebner (b. 1951). A la Orilla Azul del Silencio. On the Blue Shore of Silence: Poems of the Sea by Pablo Neruda. Translations from the Spanish by Alastair Reid.
Santa Barbara, CA: Simplemente Maria Press, 2001 First Edition Hardcover New Hardcover Mary Heebner. 
LIMITED EDITION of 50 copies, this is number 38. Folio. 14 x 11 inches. [8] pp. Title-page printed in black and blue inks with printer's device in blue, 12 giclee prints on Somerset Velvet 330 paper using Pinnacle Gold inks printed at the Duganne Atelier, Santa Moncia, CA under the direction of Mary Heebner which are tipped into double-fold sheets of Fabriano Tiepolo, the text is printed on handmade linen paper produced by the artist with the assistance of Pat Almonrode at the Dieu Donne Mill in New York City the text printed by John Balkwill at The Lumino Press, Santa Barbara, digitally typeset using Adobe Jenson for the English text Arrighi for the Spanish, and Trajan for titling and tipped-in to the Fabriano sleeves, the English on the left and the Spanish on the right to complete the 12 triptychs, the whole enclosed in an individually pulp-painted chemise; text clean, unmarked. All housed in a handmade case constructed with imported Japanese bookcloth over boards and wood produced at The Lumino Press; binding square and tight. Fine. In 1999, Mary Heebner visited Pablo Neruda's home, Isla Negra, where she spent time with Alastair Reid, listening to Reid speak of his friendship with Neruda and selecting poems to be used in this work. Upon returning to California Heebner composed a series of collage paintings, inspired by the Pacific Ocean and several visits to Neruda's home in Chile. These paintings then became the templates for pigment prints that were paired with 12 poems by Pablo Neruda that allude to the sea; the poems are printed here in Spanish with English translations by Alastair Reid. The 12 triptych folios and hand-sewn booklet are gathered in an individually pulp-painted chemise, and placed in a handmade wood and cloth box. 
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Island: Journal from Iceland, September 1995., Mary Heebner (b. 1951).
7 Mary Heebner (b. 1951). Island: Journal from Iceland, September 1995.
Santa Barbara, CA: Simplemente Maria Press, 1999 First Edition Hardcover New Hardcover Signed by Author
LIMITED EDITION of 60 copies, this is number 44, numbered and SIGNED by Mary Heebner, each illustration is hand-touched with watercolors. Folio. 13 1/2 x 10 3/4 inches. Title-page printed on hand-made Abaca paper with introduction, 12 original watercolor monotypes scanned to produce a suite of giclee prints on Somerset rag paper, each print inserted into a hand-made Abaca paper folio created by Rie Hachiyanagi, and letterpress printed from photo polymer plates by Lucy Brown in Galliard types, colophon also printed on an Abaca paper folio; text clean, unmarked. All housed in a chemise wrap designed by Mary Heebner and Sandra Liddell Reese consisting of white Kyoseishi and indigo Kozo paper over onyx board with a silk ribbon tie to hold all in place, this in turn is housed in an acrylic sleeve titled in blue on the spine; binding square and tight. SIGNED by Mary Heebner on the colophon. Fine. Mary Heebner only muses upon consequential subjects. In the late summer of 1995, Heebner spent three weeks in Iceland; instead of reading fiction or sagas, Heebner found herself reading geology texts. She learned that while the island of Iceland is 16 to 18 million years old, it was only occupied by humans in 850 CE. She trekked across land that was only 500 years old, full of minerals and redolent with stunning colors, chartreuse, ochre, cobalt green, viridian and violet. The original text and abstract artwork in this portfolio reflects the feelings evoked on the artist?s visit to this new land; the artwork is suitable for framing. 
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An ABECEDARIUM For The Makers of Artist's Books., Nancy Trottier.
8 Nancy Trottier. An ABECEDARIUM For The Makers of Artist's Books.
Deep River, Ontario: Ducks in a Row Press 2009 First Edition Hardcover Collectible: Like New Hardcover Nancy Trottier. 
LIMITED EDITION of 26 copies (plus 4 proof copies), this is copy number 19, printed in Caledonia and Bulmer types set at the Firefly Press in Boston by John Kristensen, Massachusetts and printed by Nancy Trottier in her studio in Cambridge, MA. Designed, printed, and hand-bound at Trottier Studios, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Handmade Artist's Book. 5 3/4 x 2 3/8 inches. Unpaginated. [59, 1 blank] pp. Asian-style rubber stamp on the title page, colophon with 2 asian-style rubber stamps, linoleum Ducks in a Row Press printer's mark, mounted "In My Soul I Am Free" calligraphy opposite with sealing wax, dedication page with black-and-white portrait of Edward M. Catich, 26 letters of the alphabet with accompanying text and sample tipped-in; occasional glue residue causes minor adhering, some stray ink marks both of which are byproducts of the hand-make nature of this book. Hand-bound in full patterned cloth over boards, printed paper top cover and spine labels; binding square and tight. Housed in a matching-cloth slip case with printed paper spine label. Fine. 26 openings provide a mounted multi-colored artists' rendering of each letter, and opposite a tipped-in sample of the concept under discussion, for example, "M" is for "marbling" with a sample of marbled paper and below that, a wax seal with the corresponding letter. Dedicated to Father Edward Michael Catich (1906-1979) with a black-and-white portrait. "His favorite words to use were: 'Art is not freedom from discipline, but rather, disciplined freedom.'" No copies Worldcat. 
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Jack the Ripper: A Bloody Alphabet. With Illustrations by Kristi Wyatt., Sean E. Richards.
9 Sean E. Richards. Jack the Ripper: A Bloody Alphabet. With Illustrations by Kristi Wyatt.
Norman, OK: Byzantium Studios Limited, 2014 First Edition Hardcover Collectible: Like New Hardcover Kristi Wyatt. Signed by Author
LIMITED EDITION of 95 copies, this is one of 20, SIGNED and Numbered 14, and housed in a human-heart-shaped box, and includes a wooden anatomical specimen stand for display. 32mo. 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches.Unpaginated. [50] pp. Engraved illustrations throughout, including facsimiles of 2 letters written at the time of the murders;text clean, unmarked. Hand-bound by Sean Richards in gilt-ruled red morocco, raised bands, marbled end-papers; binding square and tight. Housed in a box built up with papier-mache into the shape of a human heart, covered with red morocco onlays, two brass hinges are embedded and pinned into the papier-mache upon which are hinged two doors that open forward to reveal the morocco-lined box that holds the little book. Comes complete with a wooden anatomical specimen stand hand-turned by a local wood-worker. Fine. This artist's book reflects Sean Richards' life-long fascination with Jack the Ripper and his years of research on the Victorian crime spree attributed to this shadowy character. It also displays Richards' virtuosity as a visionary artist and creative bookbinder, who manifests his ideas in leather and papier-mache. Sean Richards is the director of Byzantium Studios, Ltd. in Norman Oklahoma, where he provides the very best in rare book restoration and replica bindings, including design bindings, archival enclosures, and hand-made brass and silver hardware. Among his many awards is the Historical Binding First Prize awarded at the Society of Bookbinders International Competition in 2015. 
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The Young Manhood of Dave Chamlee., William Zane Chamlee.
10 William Zane Chamlee. The Young Manhood of Dave Chamlee.
Simi Valley, CA: Pie in the Sky Press, 2008 Second, De Luxe, Edition. Collectible: Like New Signed
SECOND EDITION, DE LUXE, limited to 33 copies, this is number 24, printed in handset Centaur and Arrighi types. Small 4to. 5 5/8 x 6 3/8 inches. (32) pp. Text printed in black, green, and terra cotta inks, with typographic borders and fleurons in green, 4 photographic images printed in color inks, decorative Massey initials on handmade Khadi paper; text clean, un-marked. Bound in tan buffalo hide that wraps around the text block to form a pouch like one would place into one's saddle bags while traveling by horseback, dark brown leather ties on 3 sides, dark brown strip tied to the spine with 2 deerhorn decorative buttons, a pocket is sewn into the inside of the front cover holding a color folding map that shows the travels of Dave Chamlee that was printed from a suicide linoleum block; binding square and tight. SIGNED by Rebecca Chamlee on the colophon. Fine. The contents of this book were originally written for a term paper for Sophomore Humanities Class at Claremont Men's College around the year 1950. This edition was printed to honor the fortieth anniversary of the death of the author, who was the father of the printer, and the memory of William Zane Chamlee's first cousin, Floyd Chamlee; an excerpt of a letter from Floyd is quoted in the foreword. Based on research in family history including research notes by William F. and Adelle A. Chamlee conducted in 1998, this fascinating story tells about the attitudes and values of the Texas cowboy in the period of the American Civil War to the 1880s. It is a story of primal values attached to honor, boots, and hats, and is a loving tribute to ancestors. 
Price: 750.00 USD
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